1. What is the difference between Challenge and Idea Challenge?

Better Together Challenge is a video content contest.
The 30 teams selected for the document screening received support for content production cost of 1 million won and produced content for 30 days,
The final five teams will be awarded based on the completed video content.


Idea Challenge is an idea competition. Five teams of participants who have prepared additional materials that show participants' specific ideas and ideas on the subject in three dimensions will be awarded.
* Idea Challenge allows you to unleash a wide range of imaginations without limiting the form and budget of the outcome.


2. Can I apply for both the Challenge and Idea Challenge?

You can apply for both the Challenge and the Idea Challenge, and if you select multiple awards, you will receive duplicate awards.

3. When is the content creation fee paid when selecting a challenge?

When selecting a challenge, 50% (500,000 won) content production fee will be provided along with the participation pledge and writing.
50% (500,000 won) will be supported after content creation is completed.

4. When selecting a challenge, is a separate content creation guide provided?

  Specific content creation guides are provided to the 30 teams selected for document review.
The simple entry specifications are as follows.

  • Resolution: 1920*1080 (PIXEL) or higher recommended-

  • Length: limited to 5 minutes

  • File Format: MP4

  • Submission deadline: Until December 11 (Fri)  

5. Is it mandatory to participate in the 2020 Better Together Challenge awards ceremony?

The 2020 Better Together Challenge Awards Ceremony will be held at Pyeongchang-gun Office on Wednesday, December 23rd.

Both Challenge and Idea Challenge winners must attend the awards ceremony.

*Attendance at the awards ceremony is at your own expense.


6. What kind of content is'Better Together School' supported by the Better Together Challenge selection team (30 teams) and what is the production support standard?

Better Together School is an open school platform of the World Culture Open that teaches and learns each other by sharing the knowledge, talents, skills, experiences, wisdom and passions each of us has. Content production is intended to introduce creative and public lifestyles and activities participating in this event, and the produced videos are used as educational materials for elementary, middle and high schools in Pyeongchang-gun. Please tell the story and personality of the participants' activities in the 2020 Better Together Challenge video content plan.